Hot Sex on a Passport??? Part III: The Survey

A few weeks ago, I created a survey regarding people who have engaged in sexual activity while on vacation.  I was curious to find out the circumstances behind these encounters, and I received a small amount of responses.  I have not conducted extensive research analysis since my Thesis and since I neither want or need a reminder of those days, I will just post the responses and provide general thoughts.


Survey question 1

As you can see, most of the respondents were over the age of over 25 when they had their encounter.  I found this interesting as I assumed that sex on vacation is something that you do during your wild spring break college years.  I suppose with age comes a willingness to let your sexual “guard down” so to speak.


Survey question 2

The responses were almost evenly split between the encounter taking place in another country (6) to another state (5).  I’m willing to bet at least one person got it in in Miami.

survey question 3

The majority heated up their hotel room (while making prudes like myself lose sleep or giggle outside their door).  For the four people who apparently got it on in public, I wonder how many were on a beach.  I’ll be honest, I always wanted to do that and I will one day…


Survey question 4

For the one person who obviously regrets their encounter, my apologies boo.

survey question 5

This wasn’t surprising.  Had I gone through with my thoughts (see part II) my response to this question would have definitely been between “the mood was right” or “he was fine!”

survey questions 6

Boy oh boy…you guys are brave.  Like I said in part I and II…everybody has Herpes to me.  I will ever get over this hangup?  Honestly speaking I don’t know.

survey question 7

It better have been.

survey question 8

I’m surprised the majority said that once was enough.  I would have thought once that cherry was popped (cue drums) it wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

survey question 9

All nine people who answered this question believe that some people have no problems with sex on vacation because they are “sexually liberated.”  Sex without guilt, second thoughts, or shame.  However, I do wonder.  Is there a line in the sand?  Is someone who had an encounter just once looked at in a a better light than someone who partakes in such encounters fairly frequently?

survey question 10

Twice as many respondents stated that people should try it at least once.   I found that interesting because I was expecting most to state that they felt it should be up to the individual.  

We all have different mindsets when it comes to sex.  While it is a big deal to some, it merely a common occurrence- a fact of life if you will, to others.  Sex is a part of life.  An important part of life.  Despite my own hesitations, I totally get it.  You could be in a magical city or a warm, tropical place.  Ocean breeze hitting, waves crashing, and two consenting adults decide they are going to express their desires (if only temporary) in the physical sense.  While it may not be for me at this point in my life (or perhaps ever), who am I to judge?

I will say this.  It is my hope that if one decides to have hot sex on a passport….


Make sure that passport is covered.


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